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Hello, my name is Ciara Clark. I am a student studying nursing with hopes to become a pediatric nurse. My number #1 love is coaching cheerleading, and I'd do it full time if I could! 

I was a part of an older version of TJC from 2015-2018 and they were some of the best years of my life. I cheered under James Underwood, Cassie Wendt, Makena Archer and a few others during those years. Being a coach following in their footsteps is huge for me. I also cheered for one year at THS before deciding to pursue coaching instead.

When TRC first began offering Mini and Youth teams in 2018, I was hired on and that’s when my love for coaching began. After a few years, I am back at the re-envisioned TRC as the social media manager and Minis head coach. I couldn’t stay away from this program. 

My coaching style working with Minis is to be serious and get work done with a hint of fun until we have reached a point of mutual respect. After that, it’s all fun from there! 

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